Our Process

What to expect from CCG during a project:

Congressional Construction Group Hours of WorkHours of Work:
Typically from 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Of course, every household is different, and we try to accommodate the customers' schedule.
Congressional Construction Group Yard SignageYard Signage:
Word of mouth is our biggest form of advertising , but a yard sign helps, too. We display an attractive sign in front of the work site until the completion of the project. If this is a problem due to HOA rules or personal concerns, we can remove them.
Congressional Construction Group AccessAccess:
We develop a working and trusting relationship with all our clients. If no one will be home at the beginning of our work day to grant us entry, we prefer to have our own key and a designated entry point for our staff to use.
Congressional Construction Group ParkingParking:
We will coordinate with you on where we can park during the day and inquire about restrictions that might apply to us in your neighborhood. We will sometimes keep our company trailer on site (if permitted by you), which maximizes our time on the project.
Congressional Construction Group Material StorageMaterial Storage:
During construction, some items may be pre-ordered or shipped. We will designate an area, such as one side of a garage, an area within the house and so forth.
Congressional Construction Group Site ConditionSite Conditions:
Welcome to the world of construction. As you know, EVERYTHING we do will most likely produce dust. We try to minimize it by having on-site filtration systems, sealing off the affected area, covering any HVAC return grills and covering anything that might be exposed. We ask that you remove or inform us about items that might need special attention due to value or fragility as well as sensitivity to dust, movement or breakage.
Congressional Construction Group RestroomRestroom:
Again, we are considerate of our customers. We understand you might be hesitant about our staff using one of your restrooms. We take pride in keeping these areas clean, just as you do. If you prefer, we can deliver a portable toilet and set it up in an agreed upon location (there will be an additional charge).
Congressional Construction Group Lunch and BreaksLunch & Breaks:
Our crews typically take a half-hour break for lunch about 11 a.m. Some will go for carry out, and others brown bag their lunches. Breaks are minimal but are taken as needed throughout the day. Our goal is to get the project completed!
Congressional Construction Group Trash DisposalTrash Disposal:
Per our contract, we will have either a Dumpster on-site or establish an area for the debris to be compiled and removed by our trucks. If a Dumpster is used, please feel free to do a little spring cleaning (bear in mind regulations exist about what can be put in them).
Congressional Construction Group Site Clean UpSite Clean Up:
We clean our projects after every day of work. A clean work site is a safe work site.