Bathroom Services

Bathrooms have become a popular remodeling/ choice, either to cosmetic remodeling or a total reconstruction. This room reflects not only the individuality of its owner, the owner's way of life, but also serves its primary purpose by serving human. That's why adding a bathroom or remodeling a current one is never a bad idea and has become a house remodeling trend.

Bathroom Services

Congressional Construction performs all types of bathroom remodeling projects. Cosmetic Bathroom construction, or a full scale bathroom reconstruction. We do tiling for your bathroom, add a new countertop, new fixtures, safety features, and the like.

Or a more structural remodeling where it involves moving the toilet, making the bathtub into a shower, new sink base and sink, rerouting the plumbing. These types maybe costly but it adds value to the home and gives you years and years of good service.

Our bathroom remodeling includes:

- Complete bathroom reconstruction

This is cosmetic construction and structural that includes  new sink and bathtub, moving the toilet, making the bathtub into a shower or rerouting the plumbing. These may take longer but it surely adds the value to your home. Congressional Construction is your perfect remodeling service for this kind of reconstruction. Giving you quality service that will put your dream bathroom into a reality.

+ Sinks, countertops, toilet and faucets
+ Floor and wall tile, texture
+ Bathtubs, shower and spas
+ Lighting
+ Cosmetic Remodeling