Kitchen Services

Kitchen Services

In Kitchen remodeling, we consider your personal style and how well it will suit  best for your familys everyday needs. We offer the perfect blend of style, selection and affordability.

Congressional Construction offers kitchen design, installation of cabinets, sinks and faucets, floor covering, Kitchen tiles, wall coverings, island countertops, windows and doors, kitchen lightning and installation of kitchen appliances. The layout of your kitchen determines how cook friendly your kitchen is. It is how you place your countertops, your appliances, sink, island tops and storage. Common kitchen plans include the one-wall kitchen, the corridor or galley kitchen, the L or double L kitchen, the U-shaped kitchen and the G-shaped kitchen.

- Kitchen Cabinets

If your request is to transform your kitchen from traditional to modern or simply add more accessible storage space, your cabinetry selection is a great place to begin. Congressional Construction presents customized cabinetry built specifically for the individual consumer and to their specifications. You choose your door style, wood species, cabinet size and cabinet construction as well as all of the storage solutions and decorative enhancements that make your kitchen function for the way your family lives today.

When deciding which kitchen cabinets to choose, you may want to consider factors beyond the style and material of the cabinets themselves. Congressional Construction profiles many cabinet makers, and can help you compare kitchen cabinets on factors such as warranty, the history of the company, and purchase and service locations.

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