Before doing any home renovations or construction, make a visual output of your prospective room outlook, preferably a drawing or a collage. The organization will allow you to get your thoughts organized and in concrete settlement before you do anything else. Choose a theme or design that suits your and your family's lifestyle. Japanese houses are known for simplicity. Mexicans are for their warm colors and many more. If you are interested in modern themes, having too much items and decorations is not advisable.


    Update your flooring by replacing worn-out laminates with new tiles or by installing new hardwood floors. Choose the right flooring material which could be easier to clean, more durable and fits your style.


    Light fixtures can do a lot in accentuating a corner, an item or part of your room. Having the right lighting will not only help the environment but save you on electric bills as well. Enhance your room and set the mood by having the right light fixtures.


    If your wallpaper is old, outdated and peeling, then please throw it away and replace it. There are many variations now to choose from to give you a better choice for your room. You can also choose to repaint the walls if you like to.


    Ask for an interior decorator or home renovating consultant to assess your project. They will give you sound advice for your renovations, but make sure you give your inputs since it's your house after all.


    Do not jump to one room renovation to another without finishing the last one you've started. This will avoid confusion on your part to the projects and will minimize the clutter in your place; and will make the cleaning part difficult.


    Plants beautify and bring life to a dead area in your house. Flowers and plants uplift your spirits and are believed to neutralize your negativity in the area. You can create an organic look in a room by having lively plants without costing you too much for home decorations.



Here are some frequently asked questions about our company and about remodeling your home.

  • Why choose Congressional Construction?

    We always provide solid commitment to every project we do. We understand our client's home or business projects and protect their interests. Our list of clients which we have served more than once will be the best testimonials of our success on the business. We at Congressional Construction participate in every process of the renovation with the goal of achieving what you envisioned for in your homes.

  • What are the main services you provide for home renovations?

    We do Kitchen, Bathroom, Flooring and Windows renovations. From sinks to wall covering, lighting and cabinets, windows and doors; we always provide a wide array of designs to suit your needs.

  • What hours do you work on for the renovations?

    We usually start our day from 7am until 3:30pm. But we could be flexible for the schedule to conform your family's routine and schedule.

  • Do you do small home improvements?

    Congressional Construction considers every project important, small or big. We always approach with the same professionalism and attention to detail.

  • Do you do the cleanup after the project?

    Congressional Construction always considers safety and cleanliness. We clean up after every work and we have a Dumpster onsite for the trash and debris or provide an area for the truck to pick up.